• Open Shed Removal
    Open Shed Removal
  • Shed Removal
    Shed Removal
  • Empty the Attic.
    Empty the Attic.
    Junk Removal
  • Discarding Furniture?  No Problem.
    Discarding Furniture? No Problem.
    Junk Removal
  • We'll Manage the Mattress.
    We'll Manage the Mattress.
    Junk Removal
  • Door to Dump!
    Door to Dump!
    Junk Removal
  • Say Farewell to Dated Clutter!
    Say Farewell to Dated Clutter!
    Junk Removal
  • Curb Your Curb Appeal!
    Curb Your Curb Appeal!
    Junk Removal
  • Warehouse Willing!
    Warehouse Willing!
    Junk Removal
  • Serving Residential & Business
    Serving Residential & Business
    Junk Removal
  • We handle the dumping.
    We handle the dumping.
    Junk Removal
  • Hometown Heroes!
    Hometown Heroes!
    Junk Removal
  • Flexible Hours!
    Flexible Hours!
    Junk Removal
  • One Call Removes it All!
    One Call Removes it All!
    Junk Removal
  • Following COVID-19 Protocol!
    Following COVID-19 Protocol!
    Junk Removal
  • Your Local Service!
    Your Local Service!
  • Broken, Damaged, Debri - We got it.
    Broken, Damaged, Debri - We got it.
  • Junk piles up.
    Junk piles up.
    Junk Removal
  • Outgrown the Swing?
    Outgrown the Swing?
  • Shed the shed
    Shed the shed
  • It's not junk, it's a collection...
    It's not junk, it's a collection...
    Junk Removal
  • An Inch of Progress
    An Inch of Progress
    Junk Removal
  • Not so Hot Tub?
    Not so Hot Tub?
    Junk Removal
  • A Light in the Attic!
    A Light in the Attic!
    Junk Removal
  • "This is a great company that goes above and beyond. Brandon the owner, was super helpful and hard working. His crew is very trustworthy and strong and fast! All the guys were cheerful and happy to help. I definitely recommend this junk removal company and I will definitely use again!" - Susan
  • Great service and pricing! Hunk-a-Junk Hauling broke down and disposed of 600 pounds of pallets/crates in a timely manner and was very flexible with my schedule.

  • Thanks Brandon for helping us clear out some space in our garage. Quick and professional service! Highly recommend and would definitely use again!!

  • Excellent job helping me with my project moving home storage to mini storage.¬†Glad Christen saw my Facebook post asking for recommendations.

    Betty Sue
  • Great price and fast professional service!!!! Thanks for making it so easy!


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